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tales from lachmuirghan CataNetwork's Reviewers' Choice Award winner!
A 2007 Love Romance And More Cafe Award Nominee!

Tales From Lachmuirghan
ISBN: 1-59998-842-9
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Erotica, Fantasy-SciFi
Publication Date: December 7, 2007

Available at:
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You may have trouble finding Lachmuirghan on a map. That’s because it exists only in our imaginations. Hidden in this secret valley, Lachmuirghan can be whatever you want it to be.

Imagine a sheltered valley and loch somewhere in the west of Scotland. At the head of the valley is an ancient circle of standing stones; at the lower end stands a ruined castle overlooking the bustling village center.

As you explore, suddenly you notice things are not quite as they should be. The village is the same, yet somehow changed. You notice that you have also changed—your senses are more alive than you’ve ever known. You stand at a strange yet familiar crossroad. Out of the mist, a voice calls your name.

Where will you go? And to whom? In this fantasy world, the choice is completely yours.

Featured authors:
M.A. duBarry
Pandora Grace
Isabo Kelly
Maristella Kent
Xandra King
Madeleine Oh
Clarissa Wilmot

available at

amazon.com    kindle    bn print    kobo    Samhain Publishing



CataNetwork's Reviewers' Choice Award winner!

4.5 Stars
Each of the Tales from Lachmuirghan will heat up your blood and yet each also tells a story that leaves the reader with some food for thought. Some of the characters recurred and some were just passing through. But each person left satiated, complete and happy as will the reader when they finish the last of these wonderful stories. So take a trip with Madeleine Oh, Pandora Grace, Xandra King, Maristella Kent, Clarissa Wilmot, M.A. duBarry and Isabo Kelly. Experience the delight, the passion and the mysticism that be found in the pages of Tales of Lachmuirghan. - Elise Lyn - CataNetwork