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toil and troubletoil and trouble Toil And Trouble
(from the anthology Silk And Magic 2)
ISBN: 1-933417-94-3
Publisher: ImaJinn Books

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-Silk and Magic: Book Two is an anthology three of our erotica novellas, Eternal Passions by Brandy Lee, Let's Get Crazy by Caryn Carter, and Toil and Trouble by M. A. duBarry. These three novellas also sell singly as e-book novellas.


Enter a world filled with extraordinary passion and the magic of love . . .

Eternal Passions
by Brandy Lee

When Susan Keith meets soap star Ryan Douglas in Greensboro, North Carolina, she knows he's the kind of man she'll never forget. Both are cast in a charity play set in fourteenth century Scotland, and something electric hums between them each time their eyes meet. Fate often plays strange tricks, but this time it brings them back together— after seven centuries apart. Scotland during the struggle between Robert the Bruce and King Edward is often violent, but love and passion finds a way to bloom when Highland laird Sir Alex Campbell first meets Lady Gillian, daughter of an earl, widow of Lord Montgomery. Sparks ignite, passion flames, higher and hotter than any blaze searing Scotland. Gillian first defies Alex, then finds herself helpless to deny the bold, handsome warrior, but their eternal love will have to be fulfilled at a future time…

Let's Get Crazy
by Caryn Carter

Jazz pianist Eric Sweeney is at the end of a six-month gig at The Heritage Jazz Club in Manhattan. His thirty-fifth birthday is fast approaching and he still hasn’t experienced the fantastically wild sex of his dreams. What better gift to himself than a weekend under the tutelage of the sexiest woman he’s ever met—the woman of his sexual fantasies? Angel Duvernay’s very conventional life has just been turned upside down. She may be dying of a rare blood disorder. This could be her last chance to try some of the things she never dared before. Like take a lover for an erotic, short-term affair. Angel never put a face to her fantasy man, until she’s introduced to Eric Sweeney. After a weekend together, will Angel and Eric discover that more than sexual fantasies can come true?

Toil and Trouble
by M. A. duBarry

Tormented by a curse that leaves him in cat form for centuries, Irish lord Trevor McGovern must repent for his past sins by finding true love. If he fails to curb his roguish ways, he’s doomed to forever remain a feline. After adopting a stray cat from her local animal shelter, witch Tabitha Cole is stalked by an ancient, evil entity. When she calls on the powers-that-be and asks them to send her a familiar capable of protecting her, she ends up with a naked hunk and her cat nowhere in sight. Can Trevor convince Tabitha he’s her cuddly cat turned protector? Can Tabitha catch the dark entity stalking her before it’s too late?

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Reviews for Toil and Trouble (from previously released anthology TOIL AND TROUBLE)

2005 P.E.A.R.L. Award Finalist - Best Erotica!!!

5 STARS! TOIL AND TROUBLE is a terrific romantic fantasy..." - Harriet Klausner, Amazon.com #1 reviewer

5 STARS! "This book grabbed me from the beginning (it's) so imaginative. I loved it. I think this is my fave so far from M.A. duBarry. I just wished the book was longer. Very fun read - 5 stars, great job. M.A. duBarry's always a must read for me." -Loretta Turner, bookaholic4ever

4 HEARTS - very sensual! "...The love scenes were pretty sensual, and the characters very likable, and well developed..." - Maura Frankman, The Romance Studio

4 STARS! "... I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys tales of magic and fantasy. Toil and Trouble is a keeper." - Susan White, Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books & Coffee Time Romance

4 STARS! "The main characters are sensual and fun. The scenes between them heat the pages, while also hinting that more than passion is a possibility..." - Amanda. Fallen Angel Reviews